Friday, February 11, 2011

My wonderful Wife.

I turned 50 last December, and my wife gave me a card. Not just any card, this was a card she made herself. On the front was a picture taken on a hike we did last Summer, a very long and somewhat arduous hike to Crestone Lake. The caption on the front is "Bruce is turning 50!" Inside it says "Which must mean there are 50 reasons I love him. The first reason was "He Married Me", written inside the car. Below that it said "now go find the others".  For the next three weeks I found little slips of paper hidden all over the house. Some were in the 'fridge, others in the bathroom, others stuck in various pieces of clothing. It was the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me, and I still get a little choked up just writing about it. Apparently, she wrote them all on the evening of December 16th, the night before my Birthday. Here they are few: 

1. Bread
2. You clean the Rat cage. 
3. You convinced me that rats are cute.
4. You like chick flicks.
5. Coffee every morning.
6. Worlds best hugs whenever I want them.
7. Pizza.
8. Unbridled curiosity.
9. You are nicer to people than anyone I know. 
13. You are fearless underground.
15. You like Bollywood.
16. You love to travel.
20. You listen to cheesy Christmas music. 
23. You like to hold babies. 
27. Waffles. 
28. Game meat.
48. You're a  goofball.
50. You look hot on a motorcycle.

She also threw me a wonderful party with tons of our friends, and great food. Good thing I have four years to think of something for her 50th.

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